Laptop does not REALLY turn off

hi, i’m a total noob in arch-based distros.

whenever i click “power off”, the laptop starts to turn off, everything seems regular but the power light is still on, and only goes off when i click the power button for a few seconds. the computer even makes a sound of really turning off then.

Does running shutdown now in the terminal produce the same result? And how long after you turn the computer off do you wait before pressing the button?

If it doesn’t shut off, just rip out the battery. It’ll show the damn sucker to shut down completely. - Hallelujah!


i’ve literally slept and when i woke up the laptop was still this way

my battery is locked

Seems like there’s some WINDOZE involved…
Unplug or just cut the power cord!


it would be helpful if you provide a screenshot or a picture of log where it hangs during the shutdown

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