Kwin_xkbcommon: XKB: couldn't find a Compose file for locale "en_IN" (mapped to "en_IN.ISO8859-1")

Hello everyone, I installed EOS 2 days ago

Today, I ran the command :

journalctl -b -0 -p "err"

and one of the error was :

Jun 12 17:36:04 endeavour kwin_x11[1061]: kwin_xkbcommon: XKB: couldn't find a Compose file for locale "en_IN" (mapped to "en_IN.ISO8859-1")

Some outputs that might help you to resolve my issue :

Locale Settings:

❯ localectl
System Locale: LANG=en_IN
    VC Keymap: us
   X11 Layout: us

Installed locales:

❯ locale -a

The contents of the file : /etc/locale.gen :

... (All the above lines were commented as well)
#en_IL UTF-8  
#en_IN UTF-8  
#en_NG UTF-8  

# Locales enabled by Calamares
en_IN UTF-8

So i think everything is correct in the above files

Now look at the contents related to en_IN of : /usr/share/X11/locale/locale.dir

#	This file contains locale database file names
#	The first word is the locale database file name and
#	the second word is the full locale name.
iso8859-1/XLC_LOCALE			en_IL.ISO8859-1
iso8859-15/XLC_LOCALE			en_IN.ISO8859-15
iso8859-1/XLC_LOCALE			en_JM.ISO8859-1

iso8859-15/XLC_LOCALE:			en_IN.ISO8859-15


According to my little knowledge on this topic i’m assuming there is some mismatch in the mapping

Please enlighten me and help me resolve this

Also, I hope it’s okay to post only the relevent content of the files

If you machine is running OK - ignore. KDE is overly “verbose” and really needs to STFU :rofl:

It was actually happening because of KDE
In KDE language settings it was showing en_IN is not supported.
(Also KDE stores its locale settings somewhere else instead of /etc/locale.conf )

I simply changed to en_US from language settings.
Can’t waste much time in this thing