Kwallet does not-auto unlock?

Thing is i want to use the protonvpn Application. but when it starts up it wants to get the wallet unlocked. The wallet is a freshly created one by the system itself with the same password as the login (read about the kwallet needing the same pw if it opens up automatically.)

if logged in to the application i get prompted a networkmanager password request.
i made me a file with the password so i have it at hand fast.
I am at a loss on how to prevent this from happening. I also am in contact with the proton support and they were like > look at your kwallet setup

i am on xfce Desktop with a clean install from today.
maybe someone on here has an idea what i might be missing.

Do you have auto-login enabled by any chance?

i log into my desktop with my password

Then it must be another issue. One other thing, doesn’t Xfce use gnome-keyring? Kwallet is for KDE Plasm. Did you need to install it?

i had not installed any wallet. and i did not remove a keyring from the installation software selection. so i think xfce comes with kwallet. which i am glad about since gnome feels icky to me

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Do you have kwallet-pam installed? If not, install it and reboot.

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it is installed but not yet rebooted :3 i’ll see about it Thanks

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after a reboot it unlocked the wallet successfully. Now just the network-manager is asking for a password to a vpn connection every time lol.

If you saved the password only for your user in NetworkManager when creating the VPN connection it will do that if I remember it correctly. Try saving the password for all users and see if that will help. It was quite a while ago I used Xfce but I remember this issue.

i did that but it does not work…
somehow the application creates the connection new every time it wants to connect and it removes it again when it switches or disconnects.
I also informed the official support about it and hope to get a solution.

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Did you try kwalletmanager?

i did and i have it installed still.
he support suggested trying “save PW for all users”
which does nothing since the connection profile gets created newly every time so it does not matter lel.

I don’t like kwallet so i don’t have it on my system. I don’t know how to deal with it properly and use it. Just causes me problems. :wink:

okay the official support just said after hearing i am running EOS and not plain archlinux or Manjaro >>

We appreciate the additional information provided and unfortunately, at this moment Arch-based distros are not officially supported due to the minor differences that these distro flavors have, therefore, we will be unable to provide any additional assistance regarding this specific distro type.

For clarification purposes, the ProtonVPN Linux app ( is currently officially supported on the following distros:

Debian 10

Ubuntu 20+
Mint 20+
MX Linux 19+
Kali Linux
Fedora 31+
Archlinux / Manjaro 

yup so the official supp says hah idc
and therefor i got no solution~
Thanks for all the ideas on this issue.

I stopped using all those company provided vpn clients and just use the openvpn client. In the end, it gives me a lot more control.


so the ovpn client is not the network manager with an imported ovpn file right?
the reason why i wanted the client is the killswitch. since the network manager does not care if the vpn stops and just says connected to the network without vpn

There are several ways to use openvpn and network manager is one of them.

I do this with my firewall, it is more reliable then any kill switch. I just block all outbound traffic other than vpn traffic.

So with ufw and then just say this address is allowed rest is not?

There are lot of ways to implement it. I usually set outbound traffic to default deny and that a couple of rules like this:

Anywhere                   ALLOW OUT   Anywhere on tun0           # allow traffic to pass over the vpn
1195/udp                   ALLOW OUT   Anywhere                   # vpn protocol

You vpn port/protocol might be slightly different.


I followed the instructions in:

linked to from ArchWiki:

I have created several outbound rules for different VPN IP addresses to switch between. It is working on my end.

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