KVM on hybrid laptop

I’ve went through this post since it was about the same topic, kinda, but reading through the conversation and the marked solution there I’ve found out that I’m not in the same boat.

I’ve been using GNU/Linux on my main laptop for quite a while now, however, as of now I’ve restricted myself only from playing native and proton games, and therefore nvidia’s optimus-prime did the job for me.

Now I’m tryna install a win10 kvm, and by following this one youtube guide, I’ve been able to get myself a working win10 machine, however without the support of any GPU.

The two GPUs I got are: GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (Mobile).

Can someone help me with how can I let my main linux install run on intel gpu while my win10 gaming vm on nvidia gpu. Also will I have to uninstall optimus-prime from my linux system?

passtrough on optimus could be impossible ?

I mean to ask, if its possible to have win10 vm run on nvidia gpu and linux run on intel gpu on a laptop; and if it is possible, then would i be able to use optimus on my host to use nvidia on linux when im not using windows?

optimus is the hybrid gpu system… i do not think you can separate the two, it could be possible but as logic is that graphic rendered on NvidiaGPU pathing to the intelGPU, what indicates that the NvidiaGPU can not be used without intelGPU…

ah okay :pensive:

I use optimus-manager on my desktop system. Installed drivers are the latest from NVidia + mesa for Intel. The way it works for me is there’s a libvirt hook that runs whenever the VM is started, so the VM is able to grab the NVidia GPU. After the VM is shut down, the GPU is released for the host OS.

Before that is possible I need to unload the nvidia driver modules and that’s where optimus-manager comes in. When I switch the graphics mode from hybrid or NVidia to Intel only the NVidia drivers are unloaded as the display manager restarts.

Not sure how it will work on a laptop, but there’s no harm in trying I guess. As long as you know what you’re doing.

worse a try … but in your case you have two GPUs separated and on optimus notebooks this is mostlikely not the case… But funny that optimus-manager is a helpful tool for you … interesting for others want to use passthrough!

Yeah the integrated graphics and the dGPU are on a different PCI lane.