KVM issues - Knowledge out there?

I have been having KVM issues - which I have ‘solved’ for the moment, but I was wondering if there was expertise/experience out there that I should have consulted first!

When I built my new system, I didn’t even think of adding another monitor ($$$) - but it is hard to lose the ‘room’ of the 4K screen - so I decided to try to switch between the ‘feeds’. There are a LOT of KVM’s out there - but most of the ones I saw didn’t have the capability to handle 4K @60Hz.

So - I discovered a switch that claimed to handle 4K @ 60, and ordered it in. That part of it worked fine, but the keyboard and mouse both refused to work correctly (both Corsair - K68 and M55). So after more research, dicovered they had models that claimed to have ‘pass-through’ for mechanical keyboards etc. Ordered that.

Again the monitor switching was excellent (it has EDID capability, which keep the system thinking the monitor is still there), and the key/mouse was better - but still not right (could not be properly utilized, and sometimes failed to pick up) - so the passthrough didn’t. Speculated that USB 2.0 was not enough, and looked for a USB 3.x passthrough - but found none with 4K @ 60 capability (not to mention that $$ rose significantly).

So - what I have ended up with is the first (TESmart - 2 port, includes switching audio from HDMI to single output) plus a separate USB 3.0 switch (under $30) with 4 into 2 switchable ports. This is a solution that seems to work well, and allows the printer and an external drive to switch with the kb and mouse.

So - is there a better way? Or a 1-piece solution? Or a cheaper but still effective way? Why do they compromise something simple like passthrough (!) when getting the hard part right? It appears that the problems are caused by trying to give more methods of switching (special keystrokes, mouse gestures) when they already have a button to press and even a remote!

Thanks for reading this far down! :grin:

Is the keyboard and mouse wired or wireless?
I have found that a lot of KVMs are quite finicky when it comes to wireless keyboards and mice.
I have had a lot of KVMs over the years, first with the D-connector, then with the DVI connector, and now with the HDMI connector. I actually prefer wired keyboards and mice, so I have no problem. My wife on the other hand HAS to have wireless. :woman_shrugging:
Right now she has to use a Microsoft mouse that does not fit her hand and she hates it, but it is the only one we have found that works correctly.

BTW myself and my wife have both Windows 10 and Linux computers on a KVM. The only trouble free and reliable dual booting system when Windows is involved that I have found.


Strangely enough, BOTH the keyboard and the mouse from Corsair are wired - with the problems as described. The temporary workaround I used while waiting for deliveries, was to to go back to the wireless setup I used before getting the Corsairs! The Logitech Unifying receiver kb/mouse combo worked perfectly. Actually - I probably could have used them without the switch too - they allow multiple pairings if you have Windows to ‘set’ them on ( I happen to have an old laptop with Win7 on it from my sister - it’s only use for me otherwise was to practice Arch MBR installs!)

I am pretty sure the problems were caused by the attempts to ‘intercept’ the keystrokes for switching purposes - or perhaps insufficient power getting through in USB 2.0.

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