Kvantum installation resets Openbox

On my laptop I have installed EOS Atlantis in the Openbox version. Everything is up to date. Today I installed kvantum because I wanted to try something with the qt5 configuration. As a dependency kwindowsystem was installed.

After a logout and login my complete configuration of openbox was reset. All settings gone. My menu gone. I also used the xfce-panel for example. Also here, the whole configuration gone and everything on default settings.

Can anyone tell me what caused this? Was it kwindowsystem?

EDIT: Other tools are also effected. For example keypassxc now has no clue about my auto-type key.

EDIT 2: Hmm… it’s really very very strange.
I was about to backup some folders and files for reinstall of EOS tomorrow. In the process I had a look in the download folder. There is a folder .config. Created yesterday at 21:22. At that time the laptop was in standby and I sat at another computer for gaming. I would never ever copy this folder in the Download folder.
Now I copied this .config folder over the current one in the home directory and did a reboot. Now everything is back as before the above installation of kvantum. I am a bit confused.

I never had this issue.
I have Kvantum and Openbox in several installs and both exist well together.


Now that everything was as before, I installed kvantum again including dependency. Logout, login - everything looks quite normal.

Package installation never touches any user’s folder.
Even if it is not known how it happened, it is probably because of the PEBCAC phenomenon. :smile:

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Yeah. Blame it all on me!


So you agree you are a phenomenon!!


A case maybe :blush:


Yes, who has the damage does not need to worry about the ridicule…
I’m not the youngest anymore, but I’m not quite senile yet. At least I hope so :crazy_face:

No idea how this came about. I am on the lookout. The SSD, a Samsung 830, is now 11 years old, but the values issued by smartcontrol are still very ok. Wear level Count still shows 80% and there were 26TB written so far. I will run memtest today and see what comes out.
Nevertheless, I will reinstall the system.