Ksuperkey doesn't know what Ctrl means

I really wish all DEs shipped nowadays would bind Super to their equivalent of the Start menu. I found Ksuperkey, figured out I needed to type Super_L instead of Super, and have almost everything I need to finally bind this key, except when I do it, Ksuperkey tells me things like “Invalid key: Ctrl”, “Invalid key: Ctrl_L”, “Invalid key: Ctrl+Alt+T”, etc. And when I try to bind Super_L to execute “lxpanelctl menu”, it tells me menu is not a valid command line option.

I can’t provide screenshots or copy outputs, this website doesn’t work on Palemoon and using a “modern” browser stresses out my 4GB of RAM. I have to use my phone to post here.

Could someone please give me the magic words to get this thing to do what it’s told?

Maybe Ksuperkey isn’t really compatible to a modern KDE v.5? Just guessing.

I’d remove that package and use the built in method of KDE itself:

You may not be happy with the predefined shortcuts but you can easily redefine existing shortcuts, or define your own. All you need to do is open KMenu → Control Center-> Regional & Accessibility → Keyboard Shortcuts. The interface of this is self-explanatory.

Here is the list of thing you may do with defined shortcuts:

opening apps very quickly,
kill, start, restart daemons,
send commands to running apps...

Much more here:

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Should have mentioned, I’m on LXDE, not KDE. My bad.


Maybe, you can find something in here? I doesn’t specifically say to be compatible with LXDE, afaict:


Note regarding xmodmap

If you are in the habit of remapping keycodes to keysyms (e.g. using xmodmap), there are two issues you may encounter:

  1. You will need to restart ksuperkey after every time you modify the mapping from keycodes to keysyms (e.g. with xmodmap), or ksuperkey will still use the old mapping.
  2. The key you wish to send must have a defined keycode. So for example, with Control_L=Escape, you need an Escape key defined in your xmodmap mapping. (A workaround is to use 255, which some keyboards cannot send.)