Krunner's spell check doesn't exist?

I just watched a video on “The Linux Cast” titled “5 awesome KRUNNER tips and tricks”.

The host demonstrated how to check spelling using Krunner, I tried it, and it didn’t work, I’ve checked the Krunner’s settings, and it seems I don’t have many of the options (plugins) there, I can’t convert units, change screen brightness, or check time in other towns.
Those plugins don’t exist in the “get new plugins” zone as well.
Anyone knows why that is?

They need to enabled. When you open krunner, on the left side of the bar click the icon which should take you to the settings.

Alternatively, you can open System Settings and they are under Search->KRunner

If they aren’t there, make sure you have the package kdeplasma-addons installed.


This was it, thank You:)


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