Krohnkite loves to be ON TOP

This is now bugging me.
To test it, pull up KWIN scrips and enable Krohnkite. I can switch the layout to ‘Floating’ using Meta \

So now we can try two things. First (if you’re using Firefox - especially with no titlebar) do a Super+W to maximise it, then do Super+W again to restore it.
Now open a dolphin window - should it be on top?

Krohnkite is setting any window you maximise to be on top, even after restoring it. With Gimp, this means you can’t use switcher to pull up a dolphin window to drag 'n drop a file…

Sounds like a bug report needs to be made. :wink:

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Sorry - I fixed this issue; though I can’t really say what the problem was. I had someone on Reddit (confused) saying that there’s an option to set floating windows on top, so maybe there was an issue with a corrupt file.

I saw a screenshot with ‘spiral’ layout, and I didn’t have this (despite having the git version installed) so I purged it all and re-installed the git version.

Now it’s behaving impeccably. I think the issue was caused with restoring timeshifts - but I was a bit slow to add a test user and try that to test for a ‘real’ issue.

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Could be that the issue was fixed in a later commit, and by rebuilding the package you picked that up too (as well as other newer features).

Generally, it’s always worth occasionally rebuilding any VCS packages (-git) as the package maintainer won’t bump them unless the PKGBUILD itself has changed.

yay --gendb && yay -Syu --devel normally works quite for that.

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