Krohnkite - cannot get gaps to work

Just cannot get this to work, what have I missed?

Your not using wayland are ya.

You can try this fork:

He is trying to further develop it since krohnkite has not been updated in a while and he added Wayland support.

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Nope, but more weirdness my shift+4 generates an @ and my @ is still an @ :scream: This is not a new install.

OK, bismuth, works :smiley: Keyboard - still a problem, will start another post.

strange work fine on new install . i do 2 hour ago

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I have no issues either. @xircon heavily modifies their DE. They have a very specific workflow.

I think Trinity is (now uninstalled) was and still is a problem. I cannot create a new user because it tries to access .ICEauthority in my existing users directory.

I give up for today, stuff to do, but I will work it out.

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