KRDP - RDP with wayland support

Plasma will finally have a RDP server that support wayland :partying_face:

This can already be tested by downloading a flatpak build. For now you can start the server like that:

flatpak run org.kde.krdp -u {username} -p {password}

Cool stuff. Can’t wait to try it out.

Anyone get the KRDP server working? I’ve given it a try but run into some issues (as to be expected with alpha software):

run org.kde.krdp —port 3399 -u xxxxxx -p x
Could not find certificate and certificate key, generating temporary certificate
Temporary certificate generated; ready to accept connections.
org.kde.krdp: Initializing Freedesktop Portal Session
org.kde.krdp: Listening for connections on QHostAddress(QHostAddress ::Any) 3399
org.kde.krdp: Could not start screencast session, error code 2
org.kde.krdp: Closing Freedesktop Portal session

Problem lies somewhere after XDG.Desktop.Portal is initialized. Official thread =
I’m a new user so only got 3 posts before they blocked me.

edit to add: BTW, using port 3399 since I was trying to eliminate any “crosstalk” while using VMConnect which defaults to 3389.

Nope, I tried it a while back, but I believe I ran into a different issue.

Gettting an error trying to log in.

[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [WARN][com.winpr.negotiate] - AcceptSecurityContext status SEC_I_COMPLETE_NEEDED [0x00090313]
[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [ERROR][com.winpr.sspi.NTLM] - Error: Could not find user in SAM database
[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [WARN][com.winpr.sspi] - CompleteAuthToken status SEC_E_INTERNAL_ERROR [0x80090304]
[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [WARN][com.freerdp.core.nla] - CompleteAuthToken status SEC_E_INTERNAL_ERROR [0x80090304]
[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.transport] - client authentication failure
[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.peer] - peer_recv_callback: CONNECTION_STATE_INITIAL - rdp_server_accept_nego() fail
[16:21:57:413] [2:10] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.transport] - transport_check_fds: transport->ReceiveCallback() - -1
org.kde.krdp: Unable to check file descriptor
org.kde.krdp: Closing session