Kooha missing gstreamer-plugin-pipewire package?




From arch wiki I found this screen recorder - Kooha.

When installing it gave choices:

I choose 3 since I’m using KDE.

Runtime requirements

Github page:

  • pipewire
  • gstreamer-plugin-pipewire
  • xdg-desktop-portal
  • xdg-desktop-portal-(e.g., gtk, kde, wlr)
[elnath@elnath-ryzen ~]$ pacman -Q pipewire
pipewire 1:0.3.56-1
[elnath@elnath-ryzen ~]$ pacman -Q gstreamer-plugin-pipewire
error: package 'gstreamer-plugin-pipewire' was not found
[elnath@elnath-ryzen ~]$ pacman -Q xdg-desktop-portal
xdg-desktop-portal 1.14.5-1
[elnath@elnath-ryzen ~]$ pacman -Q xdg-desktop-portal-kde
xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.25.3-1
[elnath@elnath-ryzen ~]$ pacman -Q gstreamer-plugin-pipewire
error: package 'gstreamer-plugin-pipewire' was not found
[elnath@elnath-ryzen ~]$ 

I don’t have this gstreamer-plugin-pipewire.
When I do search “arch gstreamer-plugin-pipewire” it shows me gst-plugin-pipewire

I have gst-plugin-pipewire 1:0.3.56-1

I’m not sure how should I proceed or what is the issue?

Can’t go wrong with simeplescreenrecorder (it’s a KDE/Qt app) if you need a more native option and I remember testing Kooha earlier this year, but I didn’t run into these issues at the time. I had used the flatpak version which simplified a lot of things, which is available here btw:


Hopefully someone else a little more knowledgeable will be able to tell you which additional packages you may need to install in order to get this to work if you only want to use the Arch repo version of Kooha.

$ pacman -Si kooha

Repository      : community
Name            : kooha
Version         : 2.0.1-3
Description     : Elegantly record your screen
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : https://github.com/SeaDve/Kooha
Licenses        : GPL3
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : gst-plugin-pipewire  gstreamer-vaapi  gst-plugins-ugly  gtk4  libadwaita  python-gobject  x264  xdg-desktop-portal
Optional Deps   : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Download Size   : 1197.94 KiB
Installed Size  : 4383.19 KiB
Packager        : Orhun Parmaksız <orhun@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : Sat 05 Feb 2022 07:21:37 PM CET
Validated By    : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

I guess gst-plugin-pipewire is Arch-ese for gstreamer-plugin-pipewire from the Github page.

Installed kooha to test on GNOME. Works fine on my end.

There appears to be a problem on KDE, Server is missing xdg_foreign support there is a biiig post: