Konsole split view

Anyone else using konsole’s split views?

I am using this feature more and more lately. It is really very convenient for my workflow. The ability to pop them open with a keystroke and move/resize them by dragging them around is pretty convenient.

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Is it just horizontally/vertically splitting a terminal tab? I used it a lot with yakuake, unless it is not what you mean and Konsole does something different.
Unfortunately I can’t check it out since I didn’t re-install Plasma again, because my usage of it was extremely basic, which is a shame for such a big and complex DE. And installing Konsole separately will probably pull a lot of deps, as it’s usual with Plasma applications?

Just a few :sweat_smile:

quake has a feature like this but that is split view of separate terminal tabs much like yakuake. Although not quite as elegant.

Also slightly lighter.

fixed a typo

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Thanks! Guake actually has more deps…
I guess I am back to 6 terminals then, I knew it wouldn’t take long :smile:

I don’t use yakuake so it may be the same.