Konsole or Alacritty or Kitty

Excuse me, I know it is a question that many have asked and often returns.
Since I am setting up a new ArchLinux system I came back to the question.
On EndeavourOS (which is my main system) I use Konsole and am doing well. But I always hear that Alacritty would be better or even Kitty.
But I can’t understand why.
Could you please help me?

Kitty and Alacritty can use the GPU to be faster, if the driver enables that.

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I do like Kitty, but with Plasma Konsole is excellent and very much more user friendly - you know, even silly stuff like copy and pasting…

Don’t be scared to install and test, they’re easily uninstalled and cleaned up later if you need the space :wink:


I use kitty, but mainly because I run Xfce and kitty supports font ligatures.
But if you use Plasma, the main differences between those three is that kitty and Konsole support font ligatures, kitty and Alacritty are GPU-accelerated and there’s no GUI to configure them both.


On KDE I use Konsole. It just works and it’s appearance is easily configurable. On Cinnamon or Gnome I use Tilix for the same reasons, plus I HATE Gnome terminal.


On that note, I had serious headaches trying to play with Alacritty, which led me to stick with Kitty.

But more recently, I tend to just go with Konsole because (on Plasma) it’s awesome once you’ve tidied it up and worked out the (sometimes quirky) keyboard shortcuts and issues.