Knit-picking once again. . . . time/date panel bar . . . .

The time / date in Cinnamon panel does not allow changing from 24-hr to 12 hr a.m / p.m mode. If you go into system setting and change stuff there nothing happens there either. I’ve reboot the system after changing the time format to see if that is having an effect. . . nothing happens. . . . maybe the themes menu has an effect? Maybe not. . . . don’t know. Anyways little bugs persist and show up here and there.

Rich :slight_smile:

That sounds more like a Cinnamon issue. You will likely have to tkae this up with the Cinnamon developers.

Seems currently cinnamon needs to bail out some issues with updated libs/Toolsets

From the Calendar panel app, change the date format to: %F %X, which will display this:
2023-81-21 05:31:00 PM

You can also use %c, which will display like this:
Mon 21 Aug 2023 05:30:17 PM PDT.

This was tested on both Linux Mint and Arch.

I have eos cinnamon on one laptop and yes i can change from 24 hr to 12 hr time in the panel by just toggling use 24 hr clock.

I use Qogir dark Icons and Desktop Cinnamon, applications Arc-Dark, Mouse Qogir.

just checked too and it is generally working… i do not think this is theme related… it changes on panel withnthe slider…

i find the issue:

If you set calendar settings from right click on the cloclk directly and enable custom format the system settings does not apply anymore as… its custom…

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