KMail + SpamAssassin

Hello, this is my first installation of EndeavourOS.
KMail and SpamAssassin don’t work together as they do normally. What could be the reason?

Hi @alwi, I’m not familiar with either of those programs, however I can already tell you anyone knowledge-able with them would require more details in order to help you.

Can you please state what DE you are using and a detailed description of the problems you are facing, what you have tried already and anything you think might be useful for others to be able to help you.

I am not quite sure, but if I do remember right yo may need to install the kdepim-addons package in order to get some extensions to kmail like spamassassin.

i will try to reproduce this on a VM install i have may i can give a hint then…

As @csteinforth say install kdepim-addons // sudo pacman -S kdepim-addons
You need to enable Antispam plugin in settings then you will find the anti-spam-wizard under Tools:

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I was under a lot of pressure at the time. Afterwards I also found the solution: Thank you very much!

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Very good! Please mark the thread as solved.