Kingston Datatraveler vault privacy problem

On other distributions i could use my Kingston Datatraveler vault privacy without a problem. In Endeavour OS this was not the case. I got the error “Can not detect DTVP device!!”. I found the solution with google. I needed to run the command “modprobe sg”. After running that command i could use the secure usb drive. But now i need to run this command every time i want to use the drive. Is there a way to run this command automatically at startup?

See Automatic module loading with systemd in the ArchWiki.

I have made a config file “modprobe.conf” and put the line “modprobe sg” in it. This file i placed in “/etc/modules-load.d/” but this did not work.

Make a file called sg.conf.

sudo nano /etc/modules-load.d/sg.conf

This file should contain the module you wish to load; here simply enter …


Thanks, that was it. :grinning:

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