Keyring did not get unlocked when using the fingerprint reader

Good evening, I have recently switched to EOS and I am loving it.

I have recently installed gnome-contacts and set the online accounts to connect to my google account.
Since then everytime I login using the fingerprint reader I am asked to enter the password from the keyring, as you can see in the attached screenshot.

How can I avoid this from happening?
Thanks a lot for your kind help.

Screenshot from 2022-09-13 22-21-32

Log in with a password. :person_shrugging:


Thank you @jonathon and I understand the first fingerprint authentication cannot be used for the first login.
Do you any PAM setting that would prevent GDM to allow the use of fingerprint during the first login?
For example, it would understand that it is the first login and allow only password-based login.
That would be really helpful.

On a sidenote, before EOS I was using ArcoLinux and did not have such issue, but I am not sure if any extra package was installed without me knowing it.


This sentence is confusing. Could you re-write it?

Possibly because you weren’t doing the same thing, or the contacts software is now using the keyring correctly?

Sorry, hopefully it is clear now.

Yes, as I said I am not sure why, but did not have that issue.