Keychron K3v2 works (99%) under EOS

Hello folks,
Long story short, received a few weeks ago a nice keyboard that I was fond of. Before buying it, I was a bit worried about its support under Linux.

The manufacturer says it works with Windows, Mac and Android, but does not states clearly that it works with Linux. Maybe nitpicking, maybe being cautious before spending around a 100€ on a keyboard.

So, the keyboard works connected with the provided cable and connected via Bluetooth. But that are some quirks that I found along the way.
The function keys (the top row) are working as multimedia key by default and using them as normal function keys involves some editing of some configuration file. No biggie, but made me waste some time thinking that something was wrong with my unit.
The keyboard enters in a sleep mode while connected via Bluetooth, from which some time simply forgets to wake up. It is said that future firmware updates will address this issue. Fingers crossed.

Some key binding are universal, provided by the keyboard’s firmware, but some are OS specific (as expected).
However, anything can be edited and made it to work as the user needs/wants.
All in all, the keyboard is a joy to use and for those still undecided, go for it.

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