Keyboard Volume Wheel

How do I get my keyboards volume wheel to adjust volume?

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What is the brand of keyboard you are using? To get features like the volume wheel you will probably have to install drivers for the RGB lighting, volume wheel, etc. to work.

I had a Razer keyboard (don’t remember what model) and had to install open-razer from the AUR.


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Apart from what Pudge wrote:
sudo pacman -S xorg-xev
with xev you can check what codes your keyboard produces while turning the wheel.
If other than 122 and 123 you can assign as custom shortcuts in Shortcuts / Audio Volume / Decrease Volume (scroll down) + Add custom shortcut by turning the wheel anticlockwise. etc. If you are on Plasma of course.


I have a Razer Huntsman V2 analog. I have open-razer installed.

I went through my notes and found an entry about my razer keyboard
Keyboard - razer huntsman elite

yay -S openrazer-meta

add your user to plugdev group

sudo gpasswd -a username plugdev 
yay -S polychrommatic


Worked for me.



You might want to consider removing open-razer before trying the above ???

Thank you for your help. I have done that remove and reinstalled open-razer then the steps above however the volume wheel still does nothing.

Did you install open-razer or openrazer-meta from the AUR ?


I don’t understand these manufacturers. I don’t understand why it isn’t set up to use function keys. Why should it need software? I have a cooler master RGB mechanical keyboard and mouse combo and it all works without any software. It has it’s own firmware onboard.