Keyboard - Swapping between QWERTY and Cyrillic

Greetings EOS Community,

I am come to EOS from Ubuntu, accustomed with UNIX. Running Cinnamon.

One thing I enjoyed about Ubuntu was the ability to rapidly change between QWERTY (for login/general computing) and Cyrillic (for emails/homework).
I have done queries on the net, and word search on this site but cannot find a way to change between the two, and rapidly (not typing in lengthly commands to the terminal).

Does EOS support this as a feature? How can I go about this?

Any pointers are most welcomed. Thank you.

hi @B_N welcome to the EnOS universe :milky_way:

look here is explained how to configure it.

this solution is for xorg, if you are use wayland, i am not sure if it works.

in some window managers you can also configure it by GUI. in this case tell us which WM is installed.

I am running EOS with Cinnamon desktop environment. I do not believe I am using a window manager.

Sorry i mean DE :sweat_smile:

Look here

pycrk thank you for the assistance.

I followed the link with the Mint guide, and was able to navigate from there.

It is worth noting that the start is not the same. I did not have a language icon to click. I was able to find the Keyboard settings via the OS Search function. From there, the instructions aligned.

Thank you! Спасибо!


@B_N please choose your latest comment as the solution. it’s helpful for other user they have the same problem.

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