Keyboard shortcuts

First time installing Endeavour. Happy with it so far. I installed it with gnome, plasma, and i3. I mostly use i3, and have since uninstalled plasma. However, the keyboard shortcuts for basic stuff is tripping me up. Most notably, quit is ctrl+Q, instead of ALT+F4 (i’m talking about within app, rather than i3wm kill). Well, for most things it’s ctrl+q. But for chrome, it’s Alt+F4, and the terminal (I configured terminator) doesn’t honour either, but ctrl+d exits. Is there a way to make Alt+f4 close things everywhere?

Yes, but you’d be better off learning the i3 keyboard shortcuts.

EndeavourOS i3wm uses some custom shortcuts. They can be seen quickly by hitting mod+F1.


I also second looking at the i3 keybinds. I’d also read up on key ones in general.

Thanks for the responses. I’m aware of i3 shortcuts, and have been using them for about six years. This is my first endeavour install. What I’m seeing is that for certain applications (LibreOffice for example), the ALT+ shortcuts are the KDE ones. For example, instead of ALT+F4 to quit, it’s ALT+Q. I did have i3, gnome, and kde selected when installing endeavour. I’m guessing the “native” shortcuts for KDE are being used within some apps. Is there some way to switch to the Windows style shortcuts? On my other machines, I run Antergos, and there, ALT+F4, CTRL+F4 work across all applications.

It occurs to me that looking into keymapper might ease the setup issues you have… Don’t have any of the above myself - but I read :grin:

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