Keyboard shortcuts in Dolphin

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maybe this has already been asked before but I’m not able to find a concise answer. Is there a shortcut like Shift+F10 in Windows or GNOME on a file to open the context menu? Second, is there a shortcut to switch between the file view and the places etc. sidebar?

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Wait, I misread the question and thought you were looking for GNOME shortcuts, but this is about Dolphin in Plasma

Yes, it’s SHIFT+F10. :wink:

Press TAB (and/or SHIFT+TAB for the other direction) and the focus will switch to the address bar, then press the down arrow and you’re on the sidebar menu. Press the right arrow and you’re back on the file list.

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RE: the context menu, assuming you’re using Xorg and not Wayland, you could use xdotool to trigger a right click when you hit a key combo of your choosing?

For example, install xdotool then configure a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+Space to send the command xdotool click 3 (right click).

You can view and configure shortcuts in Dolphin in settings -> configure shortcuts.
I don’t know if the menu items are named exactly like this, because I use german locale. But it should be quite close to what I wrote and thus easy to find.

xdotool did the trick, thanks for this hint. I created a custom shortcut in the systemsettings using Shift+F10 as a trigger and xdotool key 135 as action since my keyboard offers no menu key.

As for switching to the places panel: a double tab does it, but there’s no direct way back. But that’s okay since I can now use Shift+F10 in order to open the desired place in a new window.

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Wrt Dolphin Version 19.12.3 (old! I’ll check with the current one later), as you pointed out double-tab switches to the Places panel. shift+double-tab gets me back to the main pane.

But with Dolphin Version 21.08.2, things are a bit more confusing… It looks like one has to use Tab and Shift+Tab while carefully watching what gets focus!!!

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