Keyboard Shortcuts for Tiling

So I’m running LXQt with Kwin as the display manager and using Bismuth quarter tiling. The problem is the browser and konsole don’t play nicely without a user intervention. For now, this means opening KDE settings and toggling off tiling, clicking apply, then toggling it on and clicking apply. Presto, tiled windows. I had a similar problem on another Plasma distro before, and keybindings worked to remedy the problem. The thing is, I have no idea what the keybindings would look like to set up tiling in LXQt. Can anyone help?

Use systemsettings5 to set them.

Not in there. Shortcuts are part of LXQt configuration settings. The thing is, I don’t know what command to run to set a “right half” or “lower right corner” shortcut.

khotkeys installed? some keybinding can interfere but khotkeys is the kde ones…

Yes, I have khotkeys installed.

and tiling in LXQT if multiway like using quicktile-ng from the aur, or edit rc.xml to place a window intoo the corner…