Keyboard Shortcuts dissapear time to time

After the Atlantis update, my keyboard shortcuts dissapear out of nowhere. Sometimes they get back after a good restart but they dissapear after I restart it again. On LXQT. Sorry i’m new, barely know how this works.

It has nothing to do with the new image (which is also a week older).

The error message reads as soon as the desktop is built:

Removable media/devices manager: Global shortcut 'X86Eject' cannot be registered

I have been investigating the problem since Friday (since then it occurs here, testing is enabled in principle). It is also irrelevant which window manager you use (openbox, xfwm4). In the meantime I assumed to have found the cause, in one system it is OK again, in another not.

lxqt-globalkeysd cannot be started. This can be seen on:

LXQt Configuration Center → Session Settings → Basic Settings → Global Keyboard Shortcuts

You can start it there. But it will not survive a reboot or relogin.

On Autostart→ Application Autostart → LXQt Autostart I added an entry “lxqt-globalkeysd” with “Wait for system tray”. However, this does not help reliably.

For once, things are looking good at the moment.

You can find almost nothing on the subject. It has occurred before from 5 years (not with me, I have at this time used LXDE). Helped then:

PCmanFM → Preferences → Volume → disable “Mount removable media automatically whe they are inserted” and disable “Show available options for removable media when they inserted”

On one system it did.

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i had this also had to restart it in lxqt session… for now the global shortkeys work i disabled the energy management, i dont need it.

ctrl-alt-t works contently now not have to restart it