Keyboard layout


Having an issue with my keyboard layout. It got switched at some point from Finnish (Apple Aluminium ISO) to US, and now I can’t seem to set it back the way it was. Having a hard time finding special characters, or even the regular finnish characters like a or o with 2 dots on top, if you know what I mean.

I’ve tried all the KDE & Plasma settings, tried rebooting… nothing seems to work.

Mine is just set to US nothing else in the keyboard layout on plasma.

Are you trying to set it back to Finnish? Maybe add Finnish again and remove US then set defaults.

localectl list-keymaps

To list all available keymaps.
Once you know which one you need, (I’m guessing it’s fi)

loadkeys fi

Try, see if that’s what works. Otherwise revert back with

loadkeys us

(probably keep it in history, so that arrow keys are enough) Once you find the exact keymap, use

echo 'KEYMAP=<keymap code>' | sudo tee -a /etc/vconsole.conf


EDIT: edit the /etc/vconsole.conf file manually and add the keymap code to KEYMAP. It’s safer that the previous command I’ve shown.

Also, commands setxkbmap and localectl may help.

Removed all, set the defaults, set to finnish again. That worked. Didn’t before, though I did do the same thing a couple of times.

I did run set locales in terminal yesterday before doing the above, but it didn’t help. I guess the combination of both did the trick?

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