Keyboard layout applet breaks budgie?

Hey all! After installing budgie and rebooting my system I found it extremely unresponsive…for 30 seconds before it froze my system. After some googling around I found a post on the archlinux forum claiming that the keyboard layout applet was the cause. So I reset it through the terminal and lo and behold : everything works. I don’t claim that it’s a memory leak issue for certain, but something clearly breaks and it’s related to budgie. (even before I reset the panel LXQT worked fine)

the post:
another discussion on the issue(the issue has been fixed but apparently not for me?):

p.s : Please tell me if I should reformat this or if it’s a known issue, haven’t found anything on this forum about it.
p.p.s: just put the applet back and rebooted…another freeze

Hey @suffet,
Maybe I was not specific enough in a similar post here.
As described here
if ibus-daemon is started before budgie-panel the
will become unusable. (According to my experience as well) So in
~/.config/autostart I created
with the content of

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=budgie-panel --replace & sleep 2 && ibus-daemon -d

It seems to work or be effective.
(I was wondering why the ‘ready to go’ time is so long and when CashyOS Budgie produced the same ‘Ooops Something went wrong’ error I copied the ~/.config/dconf/user database from EOS and then it gets ready faster than EOS although the systemd-analyze Startup times are almost the same.)
p.s. Once dconf/user has been spoiled a backed up / copied file can heal yr system except for reinstall.
edit: In case you want to play with CashyOS do not be deterred by the necessity of downloading some themes (gnome-look) and
installing sddm (systemctl disable ly.service + ~ enable sddm.service)