Keyboard Characters Issue

Can someone enlighten me on why when I type “9” the system shows a “-” ?

e.g., when entering server credentials for dBeaver, et al?

See as in keyboard layout from Gnome settings below:

How to change?

Is it entering a - or a 9?

If it’s entering a 9 but it’s displaying as a - then it’s an issue with your font.

If it’s entering a - and displaying as a - then it’s an issue with your keyboard layout.

Thank you.

I enter a “9” and it appears as a “-” yet not always.

In this particular case I was entering a mysql server password that included a “9” and showed as “-” therefore could not logon.

However, in LibreOffice word processor it accepts a “9”.

Font was Lucinda Grande.

Changed font to Cantarell; problem still occurs.

What region is your keyboard set to? Maybe trying changing it to something else and then changing it back?