Keyboard and mouse not working anymore with Clear Linux kernel

I’ve been using the Clear Linux kernel from the AUR for months without issue but since March 2024 the keyboard and mouse aren’t working on the login screen after booting, only the touchscreen.

I’m using the default Linux kernel instead and running KDE Wayland.

Someone is going to say this, so it might as well be me. You have a very unique configuration, you will get better help from Clear linux. You are on your own, I am afraid.

best place to ask about this, is on the AUR page of that package

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Maybe unrelated but linux-clear-bin was last updated nearly a year back.

Last Updated: 2023-04-18 04:10 (UTC)


linux-clear is more up to date and the packager has provided a binary repo in case you don’t want to build it yourself.

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I’m actually already using using the latest linux-clear-bin binary package from the maintainer’s repository : since it isn’t updated anymore on the AUR.

I will build the AUR linux-clear package instead and see if it solves the issue.

I’ve installed the linux-clear kernel instead of linux-clear-bin and my keyboard and mouse are working normally again. Thanks. :+1:

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