Key combination doesn't work


I am trying to add a Key combination that should launch pcmanfm when I press mod+shift+number3. I have added this line in ~/.config/qtile/modules/

Key([mod, "shift"], "3", lazy.spawn("pcmanfm"), desc="File manager"),

and then restarted Qtile, after executing the above combination there is nothing happening. I do not see any errors in ~/.local/share/qtile/qtile.log.

Any ideas?

Isn’t it defined to move window to desktop 3? Let me check my config BRB. Yes - in

        Key([mod, "shift"],
            lazy.window.togroup(, switch_group=True),
            desc="Switch to & move focused window to group {}".format(,
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ah, that makes sense! :smiley: I forgot about that combination. Thank you

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