Kernel UPDATE 6.8.7.arch1-2 -> 6.8.8.arch1-1

I just ran yay and got notified of a kernel update, 6.8.7.arch1-2 -> 6.8.8.arch1-1. Whenever I get notified of a kernel update, in the back of my mind there’s this voice saying… “oh boy, here we go. Good luck!” Yeah, I know. That worry or concern is probably uncalled for nowadays. Sure, there are occasions where a kernel update can screw things up and require “repairing” things. But, I’m happy to report that there were no issues at all.

That is all… carry on. :slightly_smiling_face:

My advice is not to update as soon as you see one. Just give it a few days and then update.


This is why I also have the LTS kernel installed just in case. I also don’t generally update right away also just once every 1 to 2 weeks and keep an eye on what is being updated before deciding to update.


Although it does happen, it is fairly uncommon for a minor version update like that to cause issues.

However, when 6.8 changes to 6.9, it is good to be wary as new kernels will often have bugs.


I don’t usually have issues with any kernel updates. :man_shrugging:


Yes using arch and it’s derivates quite a while now, til now it was quite unlikely that something went wrong due to a kernel update. Knock on wood :smiley:

Arch is better than it’s reputation.

What can go wrong, take one for the team! :rofl:


This is my life, and I regret nothing!