Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

the significant lines of the error read as this:
/sbin/init: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ file too short
kernel panic: not syncing : Attempted to kill init!

I’ve read that I should reinstall to my drive somehow and that the reboot program is still running, but I’m not sure how to remediate these problems.

I’m unable to access my system through anything but a live usb and won’t be able to back up everything on the system to a flash drive - I could really use some solutions.

You can boot on the live ISO and arch-chroot and then reinstall the file in question. It’s all on the EOS wiki.

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okay, I think I damaged my uefi parition too - how could I erase it so that my system boots to the live usb rather than the current corrupted endeavouros install?

Booting on the live ISO has nothing to do with what’s installed. You should be able to boot from USB. Then when the live ISO loads you archchroot and fix it. Reinstall grub and update it if needed.

not sure what you’re trying to say here - I’ve plugged the usb in and it still boots to the old endeavouros installation - is there anything I could do to get it to boot to this live ISO?

probably going to switch to something else - I’ve never had such a fatal problem with any other linux distro

Enter your bios and select the usb as the first boot device.

that’s the problem - I can’t enter my bios - I’m asking for a solution to wipe the drive so that I can boot into the endeavouros liveusb

Entering bios has absolutely nothing to do with your drives? Are you being serious?

I can’t enter UEFI firmware settings(not bios btw, I’m not sharing another post link)

Entering the setup which is UEFI Firmware (Bios) has nothing to do with the drives as @Elloquin said.

Edit: When you boot the computer you have to press the appropriate F key to enter the setup. Then you need to select to boot from USB as the first boot in the boot order.

when I try to enter uefi/bios/uefi/bios/bios/uefi by pressing f6 repeatedly on boot, I’m given an error and the system reboots again, and when I try picking ‘uefi firmware settings’ from the grub menu, it gives me a permanent black screen.
Can anyone offer a solution to at least one of the numerous problems with endeavouros listed here?

if you’re implying I pressed the wrong key, the key had worked fine before I’d messed around with uefi/bios/uefi/bios/bios/uefi while trying to fix the kernel panic.

Not sure why the would be but it’s most likely you have messed up the firmware as it keeps entries when you boot different devices.

Is this a desktop?


Sure but the issue does not lie with EndeavourOS but rather you. Remove all storage devices and boot the device it will have no choice but to enter bios.

Take the battery out and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Put the battery back in and then boot and press the key again to enter setup screen.

Make sure it’s unplugged when you do this!

I’d like to do this in a less physical way, are there any commands that would help me with a debian live usb, as I can boot into a live usb with debian but not endeavouros