Kernel panic


I just upgraded my system and did a restart but now I’m getting a kernel panic “/init: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”.

Same over here with after upgrades 051122
My zpool has left the system

zpool: error while loading shared libraries:

openssl, which provides, was updated from openssl 1.1.1 to openssl 3.0.7. Likely you have a package that needs to be recompiled against this version. Packages from AUR may not yet be up to date but there were a pile of Arch Core/Extra/Community packages last day likely related.

What kernel are you using? You didn’t say.

You may need your ISO and arch-chroot to download the linux or linux-lts kernel if you are on another. (A guess)

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Thanks for your reply; I am on 6.0.7-arch1-1
Will try what you are suggesting

Looking, you may not be successful. Appears that likely the Arch linux kernels were built with openssl 3.0.7.

If linux-lts doesn’t work, are you loading anything into the kernel? Nvidia maybe? Other drivers?

edit: may want to try another -Syu in case your mirror was behind and missed some packages, or find a really good fast (on update time) mirror that might be closer to the packages in the main Arch repos.

I had the same error.

You need to build the zfs-utils package again. This will pull the new crypto library. I had to boot into a live environment, chroot into my system and do it there.


Worked ! this pulled the
Thanks all for your replies

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Thank you

I’ll release a new build of zfs-utils soon. Hopefully it helps with this issue.


That would be very nice for all people using zfs.
Thanks in advance :wink:

is openssl “legacy” installed? core/openssl-1.1 current is:
core/openssl 3.0.7

sudo pacman -Ss openssl

core/openssl 3.0.7-2 [installed]

and openssl-1.1 not … ?

pacman -Qs openssl

But I am wondering about the error… zpool is using for something or was using it before ? must be it is false output in a way…

sudo pacman -Qs openssl

local/libevent 2.1.12-4
Event notification library
local/openssl 3.0.7-2
The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security

as far as i read it is simply that something is calling openssl 1.1 as fallback because it is is not finding the latest lib as of version change there… so you could install openssl 1.1 or rebuild zfs-utils as @mbod mentioned already…

This is what fixed it for me: Error while loading shared libraries: - #28 by ricklinux.

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