Kernel oops while "multitasking"


I’ve encountered a kernel oops. I’ve had multiple applications open like: libreoffice (fresh), makmkv (as a flatpak) zotero (as a flatpak), Firefox, gnome terminal (4 Tabs, 2 with ssh connections).

I have a second screen connected to my Laptop via HDMI and a mouse/Keyboard via a USB Hub.

Before the oops happened I’ve closed makemkv and used the gnome terminal to log in to two machines with ssh while watching a YouTube video. When i logged on the second ssh session the Videooutput (of the screen) froze but my audio from YouTube played fine. I couldn’t stop the YouTube playback with the keyboard but i was able to pause it with kdeconnect/gsconnect (lol). In the end nothing worked anymore and i shut my Laptop down with the hold of the Power button.

Logadress is: (I’ve edited it a little bit bc of privacy :))

Thanks in advance (and thanks for the Distro so far, love it :))


Welcome to the forum.

Don’t do that.

Do this instead:

If the issue doesn’t repeat itself to the point of being disruptive to the workflow, I don’t think there is any point in trying to troubleshoot it.