Kernel not updating?

This is what i see at boot

EndeavourOS (6.6.10-arch1-1)
EndeavourOS (6.6.10-arch1-1-fallback)
EndeavourOS (6.6.11-1-lts)
EndeavourOS (6.6.11-1-lts-fallback)
Reboot into Firmware Interface

These are my options, so i go to and i see the newest is mainline: 6.7 2024-01-07. :thinking:

Did i miss something? :crazy_face:

Your on the latest, 6.7 is in testing. Tried 6.7 here and it’s a no go on my equipment.


Aaaah ok, i assumed 6.7 was not testing.

Sorry about that. :flushed:

if you talk about the ath11k breakage, that was fixed on the Arch kernel yesterday with the arch2/zen2 builds. There was another update to arch3/zen3 now to fix a security issue that exists since Kernel 5.18

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