Kernel Advice Liquorix VS Zen VS Generic

I was trying to search around the web, most articles I found were quite old
I was hoping to find some sort of info about what the differences are, which might offer better performance, etc.
I don’t mind doing my own research but at this point I need to be pointed in the right direction because I can’t seem to find anything recent

You might want to search around this forum too, there are a few topics about that.

As for pure throughput performance, almost no difference.
Liquorix/Zen are all about interactivity/low-latency desktops, using different schedulers and optimised settings.

Since Zen is in the repos, you should try that one first, because it’s easy to install/remove.

Among other things, Zen includes the following:

  • patches from Clear Linux
  • futex_wait_multiple (useful for Steam+Proton)
  • MuQSS scheduler
  • many little tuning tweaks

Also to add, linux-zen and linux-lqx are based on the same sources (and are maintained by the same people) but have different default configurations, with -lqx being slightly more aggressive than -zen.


Thank you, both of you, that exactly the kind of info I was looking for!
I did search around the forums here a little more but still didn’t have much luck, but now that I have some more specific terms to use I can hit the web again and try to dig deeper