Kernel 6.8.1

I updated to day to the latest 6.8.1 kernel with btrfs filesyste., now i get in grub rescue mode.
When i type “systemctl --failed” it tels me that it failed to mount root, and 2 other partitions.
When i reboot in lts kernel, it boots up just fine.
I just got this now after todays kernel update.
My processor is a n100 with 16gb ram.
Lts kernel boots just fine.
Anyway i can repair this?

When you boot up your system with the LTS kernel, could you try to rebuild your initramfs for the latest kernel to see if that helps?

If that won’t help, could you downgrade the latest kernel to the previous version to test it is the latest version is really causing this issue or something else?

can you change your title : kernel 6.8.1 and btrfs:
under kernel lts , what is status from btrfs ?
is all partition mounting ?

have you check in journalctl ?

sudo journalctl -b -1