Kernel 6.7.6 broke my keyboard

The new 6.7.6 stable and zen kernels broke my keyboard. A quick search seems to indicate that it’s an order issue, and it’s looking for a USB keyboard over the built in keyboard of the laptop. But the 6.6 LTS kernel works along with the just released hardened 6.7.6 kernel which indicates they corrected the issue in their delay to release. Throwing it out there in case someone experiences the same thing and why it’s good to have multiple kernels installed you can switch between if necessary.

I have installed EndeavourOS_Galileo-Neo-2024.01.25 and everything seems to work fine but at the screen to enter username and password the keyboard no longer works.

This is a PC with a USB keyboard, any suggestions? I can access the EndeavourOS files via the live versions.

I thank you for your suggestions.

Please create a new thread with a description of your issue and an adequate title, like, for example:

Keyboard is not working for username and password input in the login screen

or some such.

Thanks and welcome to EnOS’ community @Amedeo!