Keeping in touch again, it certainly has been a while

Thanks much for the update, @Bryanpwo! I had already been wondering about your where-abouts…
We all have our personal, private, intimate issues to go through in this life. I feel for you, as ups followed by downs, followed by ups, etc. aren’t making an exception to anyone of us. My dad (long gone, sadly) used to say this is the only true justice in life that we all eventually have to die, regardless of our achievements or failures. Right now, my mom is in IC and I am praying for her survival.
Anyway, as I remember there were some loose ends regarding the forum-software regarding images posted…
Weren’t they?

:peace_symbol: :heart_eyes:


As I already mentioned we did two migrations with two different forum backups and both resulted in a forum with the exact same image upload issue. Nobody seems to know the reason or a solution to make it work again.

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Ugh. I remember you saying differently, a background-process to change it… Must have missed your latter post on this, sorry.


That was before the second migration. Since the background rebake didn’t work, we (and the Discourse team) hoped the issue would be resolved by a reinstall of the forum. The Discourse team was convinced it was a glitch in the first migration, but the second migration resulted with that same “glitch”.

Somebody must know! :sweat_smile:



Finnish translation
Suomenkieliset terveiset!


I am sorry to know this. You are a nice man and I am sure you will come over whatever. I wish I can help in any way.

I am sure it will be a great development.

Sorry for this news. I hope she will make it and be fine soon. I will pray for her.

I will pray for all of you guys. I honestly feel anything that hurts anybody hear personally hurts me somehow. If you allow me to count myself one of the family. This is what I feel. Why would I bother to write this if this is not the case.


Here you have slimshady64 in his habitat:


All the blinky is headed to the wall… so one day I will change the desk to show off all the RGB ?


Jeez, what a mess! :rofl:

a lot of connections :wink:

@joekamprad goes online:



Slim Shady


Too many, if you ask me. Here’s my workplace on a very busy day:

And I mean: Really busy!

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The most important item is on the right side of the picture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a great opportunity to be reminded where to donate to the project! From my side I hope to give once per year since I am using eos on a daily basis. Pretty sure many people pay monthly to use some kind of software (most likely proprietary) or Netflix or similar. Think about it if you use eos for free (and also all the support you get here to fix your computer problems :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)… Check out the donation page :grin: :wink:


I am sorry to read these lines and I hope you can soon get through this time and move on, I know, it is not easy and believe me I know… as I also know that you are strong and you will get out, although you never forget a loved one, but you can, as you can, give it forward.

Lots of strength and best wishes for your recovery.


Portuguese translation :portugal:


Português fantástico já está disponível! :rocket:

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Spanish Version: Manteniendonos en contacto, ha pasado ya un tiempo


Por fin español también!
muchas gracias!

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