KeepassXC doesn't launch in the browser

This is a weird problem I’m having on a new install.

I believe I have KeepassXC and its extension set up correctly, but I can’t launch the app through Firefox. I have to manually unlock the database outside FF, then refresh the page and only then is the database detected in the browser.

And then regardless of how many times my computer goes to sleep (and thus the database locks down) I can easily launch it through the browser.

Its only on a restart, does the browser need to be launched manually. Afterwards its works just fine as expected…but on a restart, we’re back to this issue.

I have another machine running Kubuntu and I’ve gone through both settings of KeepassXC, and they’re pretty much identical (slight differences due to version differences I guess).

Does anyone have any clue as to what might be going on and how can I possibly fix this?


Edit: (was wrong about observation, deleting it)

Do you have any error messages?
Something simple you could do is reinstall the applications (don’t delete the database)
Or could be something worth submitting to the devs

No I get no error messages. I just keep on clicking on the icon and it doesn’t launch the app. even if i go to the extension icon and click “Connect to datatbase” nothing happens.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but unfortunately uninstalling still preserved teh settings. So it was a futile exercise.

I love KeepassXC but it was sh*t like this that makes me just use it offline (I ctrl+C/ctrl+V my passwords now) without the browser plugin.

This failure happened for me in the Flatpak version since its sandboxed. So that makes sense.
When it started happening in repo version I gave up. Devs at distro I was at all said “something something something upstream.”

Life with ctrlC/ctrlV is easy besides the longer I linux the less I trust the integrity of most plugins. (editorial over).

BTW—ya check the boxes in the settings to activate browser? you probably did but that’s the obvious question. I mean synced on both ends.

there’s probably a dozen reasons a browser extension can’t communicate with a repo app and I don’t remember any of them right now (since I put this issue in the rearview mirror).

Yeah it sucks. I’m still hoping that its something I did on my end…possibly another extension blocking its launch; I’m not sure.

But as a recent adoptee of a password manager, part of the sale was the convenience. And even though I don’t have to copy paste right now, the initial launching is a weird put off. And makes it harder to recommend to family.

As I said, I compared the settings with my Kubuntu install and they look the same…Maybe it is a extension issue (though I haven’t installed any new extension, I keep on using the same old ones).

Solved I think:

The problem I think was that Keepass wasn’t selecting the right database by default (even though there’s only one).

Under Settings → General, there’s an option called “Remember previous database”

It was already selected.

I just unselected and reselected it. As stupid as it sounds, that worked.

I have no idea why, or if this is a permanent fix (maybe I’ll have the problem again during a future restart…let’s see).

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