Keep /home for Switching to Endeaovor from Linux Mint

Hello guys.

At moment im Running Linux Mint but since longer time i play with the mind to use a arch based Distro.
I wanted to keep home but delete all unnessesary stuff from it so Endeavor will be a smooth experience. Also preveninting incompatiblity issues as Mint is Debian/Ubuntu-Based.

For example i have 250 GB for Stable diffusion which i would keep. Its not about size but search all the stuff again can be pain in the butt.
I also wanna keep my Games from Lutris and Steam as some of them are really complicated to set up.

What folders should i delete to switch to your Distribution but keeping most data?
Can i keep my Flatpaks ?

Thank you for your help and kind regards from Germany.

as far as the home folder you should be able to just back it up as is and leave it. The home folder is where all $USER specific data is stored for all the apps $USER uses.

in all honesty i would partition the drive to like
75GB for /
and the rest for /home

this will make it easier for keeping your files separate from the system drive.

backup backup BACKUP




All depending on how it is setup currently.
If you indeed have backup of the data… you can go to rename home folder of the current user (if you want to keep the username, set the old home partition as ,mounted on /home and do not format in deed inside installer manual partition. But this will only work if your home is a partition if it is a folder inside the current OS root file system… you will need to copy files back after install.

Not enough space for backup.

Sorry i forgot to mention that /home is a partition on its own.

i can use the System Partition from Mint and install everything within and later point the /home directory to the partition?

But what about the old settings? can i keep them or can i run into problems?

If /home is a dedicated Partition you can keep it only needs to rename home folder if you want to keep the username to be able to createvthe same username with installer… if home dir name already exists it would bail out.
You can use manual partition and only set mount point to /home on the old home partition.
After first boot simply copy the needed files over to the new users home folder at its needed places.
You can do this also after install by changing fstab to link to old home partition…
I do mention backups alredy :wink:

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then the hard work is already done.

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If you have installed them system-wide, they are in /var/lib/flatpak.
You can back that folder up and later copy back into your new installation.
Depending on how many flatpak apps you have installed, this folder may contain several GB worth of data.

If you have installed them for your user (with --user switch), then they are already under your home directory.


Ah blkid for the ID and fstab for entering the ID.
This makes sense.

I thought its different in Arch-based Distros.
Amazing so i can use my knowledge in Endeavor.
This makes things much easier to handle.

Thank you guys.

@pebcak My Flatpaks are linked to /home/flatpak.

would look like this…

Easier than the installation from Linux Mint.
Amazing. i Start to love Endeavor even before i installed it.

Ich danke dir fĂĽr deine mĂĽhe. (Thank you for your efforts)

You guys are amazing as you really helpful and supportive.

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