Keep EndeavourOS.. like this, please

I started using Linux before 2000. I’ve used Debian-derived distributions for many years and before that I used Mandrake and RedHat (when it was still freely downloadable). And now here I am: at the moment I’ve been using EOS on a PC and a Raspberry PI for a few weeks and yes, I’m extremely satisfied. I very much appreciate the choice of using exactly the Arch repositories and I believe that the installation process is well done and is the real added value, together with the choice of some default configurations.

Please keep it up. Don’t make the mistakes I’ve seen in other distributions. Please, stay true to the nature of Arch, don’t pollute the distribution with slow technologies (e.g. Ubuntu with snap), don’t reinvent the wheel (e.g. Ubuntu with Unity), don’t oversimplify things that are inherently complex (e.g. Manjaro with pamac ). Maintain an open source approach and don’t give in to the temptation of sponsors who finance the default installation of commercial software or banner ads (for example…many other distributions!).

Thanks for your work and I hope to be able to help out in the future if I have some time to donate to this distribution (I know bash, C, Go, html, JavaScript…).