KDE's customisation

How much customisation can I do with KDE? I want to deeply rice my KDE setup.

Transparency for taskbar

Firstly I want to customise the taskbar. So when I am on desktop I want to have a sort of shadowy look (behind the icons) while the taskbar is completely transparent. However if I make a window fullscreen the taskbar becomes opaque while having a blur effect.

Date/time and taskbar icons


I want to change the icon’s size and I want to change the time size as well and fit a date as shown in this image.


For the right taskbar, I want to get an Android like style icons. Is that possible? Additionally with the wifi icon I want to some how configure it so it changes colour based on how strong the signal strength is.


If I am either restarting,or whatever, you would end up seeing this menu. Is it possible to change each icon’s colours to whatever I desire?

My main question is whether if KDE is this customisable?


What about this though?

And this??

you right click on the dashboard

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Are you using Kvantum theme by any chance?

KDE Plasma is one of the most customisable DE’s without fiddling with text-based-config files, imho.
The Taskbar is transparent if the selected theme is transparent. Or you chose Latte-dock as your Taskbar. There you have more options. About the wifi-icon, maybe there is a Plasmoid for that, with the standard icon I don’t think it’s possible.
There are themes for the logon-screen with colourful icons…
just an example:

If you would install that, you can still customise the background etc.
Same goes for the icons… I think there is a Material-based icon-set in the KDE-Store.

I would search the KDE-Store (possible from inside the KDE-Settings) and download the theme that comes close to my vision and try to customise the rest “by hand”.

JUST IN CASE you don’t know these addresses:
https://store.kde.org/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/

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I want to try and get the taskbar to be transparent as well as the start menu but I don’t want the Windows to be transparent. I also want the taskbar 100% transparent and have some shadowy effect while there are no windows maximised and if it is maximised then it becomes blurred. I don’t wish to use the latte dock as I just want to use one taskbar. Do you know how to do this by any chance?

Is it possible to make it by hand easily? If so would you happen to know by any chance how to do it?

Probably not something I would want to install but thanks for the link :slight_smile: I just want to know through the config files, can I edit the colours of the shutdown menus?

How do i customise it by hand, is it through their config files?

Some of those themes are pretty good.

sddm = ittu (0.1)

Sorry I don’t get you??

I wouldn’t choose the gold-sddm either. It was just an example. :slight_smile:

If you download a Plasma-Theme you can examine the files. There are a lot of vector-graphics and some config files. Some user wrote he made the panel transparent by editing some config files. I didn’t test but you could give it a try.
Last post on that site:

Another option is to remove the KDE-panel and just use the Latte dock. This way you still have just one panel.

About the wifi-indicator, I have no idea how you can achieve that when there is no Plasma widget. Maybe there is an easy way with

Or the hard way… :wink:

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Oh :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t show time/date, and the right side icons.

Thanks mate I will have this bookedmarked :slight_smile:

There might be a workaround but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Just read the description and what widgets/plasmoids are needed:

You don’t have to install that Latte-theme, but you can add widgets/plasmoids (mentioned in the description) to replace the missing systemtray-icons and the clock. :thinking:

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