KDENLive Add Title Clip Grey Out

I am cropping a video and wanted to add text but the option is in dark grey. It seems that the problem is related to something missing in the installation.
Do any of you know what might be missing before installing the flatpack version?

In Plasma after
yay -S kdenlive
Add Title Clip… was unselectable. Then yay (update) installed these (at least one of
then unrelated) packages:

extra/dmidecode              3.5-2        3.6-1          0,00 MiB       0,07 MiB
endeavouros/eos-bash-shared  24.16.14-1   24.16.15-1     0,00 MiB       0,05 MiB
extra/libdaemon              0.14-5       0.14-6         0,00 MiB       0,02 MiB

2nd round of kdenlive was OK with Add Title…

In GNOME flatpak version worked out of the box. AUR version was bigger light theme idk how to
change to dark. (Legacy apps were set to dark)

I solved by installing various optional packages from but pacman not yay.
I don’t know which package enabled the option but it worked