KDEConnect inactive in background

I have been using Endeavour since sometime now, and am very happy with the experience. Since KDEconnect has been launched for iPad and android, life is easier.

However there is one small issue.
I have two systems running Endeavour on the same network ( laptop and desktop ). After being idle for sometime ( not sleeping/idle/power saver ) , both machines stop seeing each other. I have to go into Settings>KDEconnect>ping and then I can right click on any file to sent it to the other.

Is there a way I can have it running in backgroud all the time?

KDEConnect is good for tablets and phones, but there are better ways to connect two computers running EndeavourOS on the same network. Look into ssh and sshfs


i use syncthing for cases like this.
kdeconnect i would only use for smartphones to share smaller files, links or something like that

EDIT: sorry, i misunderstood the post.
syncthing is rather used to keep files on multiple devices at the same level.

From the Arch-Wiki:

Sometimes, KDE Connect will not detect a phone. You can restart the services by running killall kdeconnectd and then opening kdeconnect in system settings or running kdeconnect-cli --refresh followed by kdeconnect-cli -l.


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You are right. But one doesn’t always want to go through the process when in workflow… Sendanywhere used to be great but it is not being released on arch for quite sometime… I am going to looking into SSH

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