KDEConnect does not find phone

I run KDE on EndeavourOS but KDEConnect does not find my phone, i am new to Linux. On Pop_OS it works fine, but on EndeavourOS i have problems.

If you have FirewallD running, you need to free the port for kdeconnect.


Yes I have done this before.

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Are you using an iPhone or Android phone?

In the case of an iPhone, there may be a library missing that can easily be installed.

I use an Android phone and i can ping the phone, but KDE Connect does not work.

You could try installing syncthing and see if it works:

Else, dig the web for KDEConnect-errors and possibly file a bug-report with the devs there.

You need to disable the firewall for it to connect, like ivanhoe said, but another thing that’ll keep it from being connected is a vpn, (mullvad for me)

That is so funny, time and again some people have no understanding of firewalls, networking, and vpns… it comes here again, and again… and over again! (The firewall-question was already solved before.)

So, @doko1975 nobody asked these things before, and you didn’t mention them. Now: Do you have a VPN installed on your system?

Hey I’m just saying what fixed it for me…

Yes, and I thank you for that. Your question is 100% valid, imo!

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Thank you, everything works for me fine now.

And for anyone else looking at help thread later. . . . what was the thing that fixed your issue? Please mark the post, or answer and then mark your post please so we can see this as solved and it will help others too!