KDE + Wayland + 4K + 60hz Suddenly Stops Working

I’ve been using KDE with Wayland at 4k and 60hz for well over a year now with no issues. I just did an update today after about a week or two of not updating and now my desktop is artifacting in a way that is difficult to describe. See screenshots for reference. This happens when changing the refresh rate from 30hz to 60hz at 4k resolution. This is on an Radeon 7900XT and using the amdgpu drivers.

I’ve tried downgrading the kernel, Mesa, plasma-xwayland, xorg-xwayland and a couple of other packages none of which seemed to fix the issue.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I may have figured out the issue. I had a second monitor cable plugged into my Samsung monitor. The cable was not plugged into anything at all. I unplugged it and the screen reset and then properly displayed the image. This may have been a software bug in the monitor itself rather than anything to do with the computer.