KDE - System Settings Bug

So basically this problem just randomly appeared today and whenever I use system settings I can only click on on one sub-menu before it crashes.
Executable: systemsettings5 PID: 3008 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 20/09/2020 16:47:17 BST
This is bug, and I’ve reported on the KDE website but is this happening to anyone else or just me? Are there any workarounds?

Probably a faulty theme:

lookandfeeltool -a org.kde.breeze.desktop
#log out/in

If that doesn’t work:

cd /home/<your-username>/.config
mkdir plasma-old
mv *rc plasma-old/
mv kdeglobals plasma-old/

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Thanks a lot, I’m on Manjaro and was going round in cereals going through debugs, reinstall.
Was getting segmentation faults and moving kdegloble to plasma-old and rebooting fixed systemsetting5

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Preferbably not open a question from so long ago :upside_down_face: But welcome to EndavourOS!!