KDE suggestions for mixed DPI and KDE Multi-montor setup + Disabling Kscreen

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As you may know, on X11, KDE does not have a solution that will let a person scale monitors individually. They have a global scale option. The problem is that I have three monitors. The monitors from left to right have the following resolutions:


I require the one in the middle to be at 150% scaling. The problem is that the leftmost monitor (1650x1050) becomes unusable after that.

One method that i have found is to use nvidia-settings to setup a custom xorg.conf files by setting up the viewPortIn values to 2307x1440 for the left and right monitors. The problem is, KDE doesn’t read these values.

One way of making the KDE read values is by disabling KScreen in background services. The problem is that KDE doesn’t support gaps in monitors, so I was wondering if there is a solution that KDE Plasma provides that would help me setup this custom resolution without breaking the system or cause unstablity.

I have attached the screenshots for reference.

Hard answer to that is “NO”. x11 with that setup isn’t a good experience and there is nothing that kde provides that will make it into one.

Thank you for answering. Is disabling K-Screen a safe option to force Plasma to use xorg.conf values? In the image, you can probably see it reads, ‘Gaps between displays are not supported’.

Is there anyway to add resolutions in Plasma which can just help me add the resolutions that I want?

Disabling KScreen should keep plasma from messing with the screen values. Most people use the xrandr program to manually add resolutions and refresh rates. I don’t know of any desktop environment that allows you to do this graphically. Also, I am not super familiar with the x11 limitations on stuff like this. I do know it is a pain in the butt though. You might want to look into whether or not it is even possible to do this on x11 first.

Disabling K-Screen and using Nvidia Settings to set up xorg.conf works 100%. The problem is, it is not officially supported by KDE. For some reason, the Global Scale setting works even with K-screen disabled, which I find quite funny!

The global scale setting is most likely not using some kde specific implementation then. Probably setting an environment variable or some x11 setting. Probably still possible to override it though using xrandr.

I think it might be. I would like to know what that variable is though. I can’t seem to find it. I thought it was an Xreources thing, but KDE doesn’t even create one. When I printenv, I can’t seem to find anything that can give me an idea of what changes it makes.