KDE Spectacle not installed by default?

Today I tried to make a sreenshot and this wasn’t working. There was no default screenshot application installed with my KDE desktop. I had to install it myself. Should this application not be installed by default?

Well, there’s a plethora of screenshot tools like Kazam, Shutter and Flameshot to mention a few, and people tend to use their own favourite.

Hence there are going to be a lot of people uninstalling and then installing what they want. It didn’t take that long to install Spectacle, right? :wink:

KDE Plasma has a rep of being overly bloated, so I personally think it’s a good thing to keep it as lean as possible.

No it was easy to install and set up. I was using KDE Neon before and there it was installed by default. So here I was thinking that I did something wrong with the installation of EndeavourOS with de KDE desktop.

Then I understand. Neon comes with the full Plasma install. There are a few more options when it comes to installing Plasma on an Arch based system.

If you want to read more about it there is a good wiki (scroll down to KDE):

I prefer as little as possible and then adding the thing I need.

PS. I’m not suggesting installing Plasma next to Plasma. DS. :wink:

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Thank you for this link.

Just added it to installed packages should be there per default, and this one is the default kde tool :wink:


Wow that’s impressive.